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Brushstroke Camo Button Down
Brushstroke Camo Button Down

Brushstroke Camo Button Down


Our button down shirts are an easy way to to make sure your the best dressed at any occasion. With our custom designs you will be sure to turn a few heads.

Each button downs are: 

  • Water resistant
  • Breathable
  • Not boxy like some button down brands
  • Stretchy, moves with you
  • No itchy tags inside
  • Button down collar   

Additional Product Details

  • Super Soft Moisture Wicking Technology
  • Custom, Light Weight, Fully Sublimated Button Down Shirt
  • Abrasion Resistant Fabric
  • Polyester Blend With Added Stretch
  • Ultra Breathable
  • No Chance of Cracking, Fading, or Peeling
  • High Quality Custom Colors and Graphics

If you are a camo type of guy and need a distinctive golf shirt for universal use, one to go to every occasion the Brushstroke Camo Button Down is for you. Camo is a fashion that can’t be ignored. After all camo has been around for the last 40 years. Now there’s a fashion item that transcends all other camo. The Brushstroke Camo Button Down.

 We know the type of guy you are. That’s why we have made something special for you to wear. It kind of goes with your personality. It is a long lasting short, a survivalist like you. We admire you as someone who is strong, good under pressure, can handle all kinds of situations. Camo is your go-to attire.

In your Brushstroke Camo Button Down you are sure to ooze with the self-confidence and self-control typical of the survivalist that you are. With your cool head and resourcefulness, you will be taking advantage of everything that your surroundings offer you in every situation.

We designed Brushstroke Camo Button Down to bring to life the original purpose of camo. Camo in the early days was a protector, a piece of clothing to help blend into the environment, conceal you from the enemy. Camo gained its prestige by achieving its goal, just serving, and protecting our soldiers.

These days camo is in. The Brushstroke Camo Button Down stands out in a crowd, it tells everyone about the kind of person wearing it. They see tough, shrewd, a survivor. It’s the kind of streetwear that has its own niche. Clear as day, with no mixed messages. 

On the body it’s the kind of gear that is great to wear. Not only is the Brushstroke Camo Button Down water resistant, but its stretch also moves with your body movements, the breathability keeps you cool.